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Astrology is a profound and practical tool for growth, and a clear guide to understand the life path. A natal chart reading sheds light on relationships (how we relate to ourselves and others, who we attract and why), health issues, your talents, gifts and challenges, family and work dynamics, past life experiences and patterns, the lessons and karmic purpose of this life, and much, much moreā€¦It is my joy and passion to assist people in navigating their astrological charts, as a map for the soul. The natal chart shows that everything you experience in life is for the soul's're exactly where you need to be!




As a Piscean and empath, I interpret the chart intuitively, to understand the heart of the reading. My intent is to empower people with self-acceptance, expanded possibilities, practical tools for growth, and choices. Any current circumstances can be addressed with the reading, bringing understanding and relief. The readings are done in a safe, non-judgmental space. Astrology is incredibly valuable as a way to connect to yourself in an indepth and supportive way, and tells the dramatic story of our lives. Prior life patterns shown in the chart are key to understanding one's life now, and the evolutionary desires of the soul in this lifetime. In working with the natal chart any blocks, obstacles, or old limiting patterns can be overcome to blossom into a self realized life of fulfillment. Each soul, each chart, each experience, is unique.



Current planetary transits to the natal chart on the day of the reading are also included, which are greatly helpful to understand experiences in a new light. Astrology reconnects us to the starry skies, the stars inside, and the mysteries, cycles, seasons of life.



Clients respond the readings are "profound", "amazing", "mind-blowing", and "astounding".






A natal astrology reading is a transformative, empowering, fun and validating experience for your soul. Be your authentic self!