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While living in Greece in the 80's as a teenager, I stumbled upon a book about astrology in a small, cool bookstore in Athens, the kind with winding shelves, and little Persian carpets everywhere. As I read about my birth sign, I was fascinated by the accuracy and validation on so many levels. There were words to describe what it's like to be a Pisces! At the time I couldn't afford to buy the book, but I found myself intrigued, and often went back to the store to read more about my sign and astrology. It was a thrill of self discovery. I was struck by the ancient mythologies of the cosmos, with the Goddesses and Gods reflecting forces of the human psyche through the planets. During that time I had my own trials and tribulations, but also spent time wandering through the temples, Mt. Olympus, and Delphi, home of the ancient priestesses. At that age I began my own inner journey to discover my soul. 



In 2003 I moved to Seattle, WA. and discovered the Astrology et al bookstore, owned by the Nalbandians, a family of astrologers. I began taking courses on Karmic Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian, second generation astrologer, who was taught by the founder of Evolutionary Astrology, Jeffrey Wolf Green. I listened in rapture in the small classroom in the back of the shop, where Bruce Lee once taught martial arts.  This work goes beyond sun sign astrology to understand deeper soul patterns, grounded in the placement of Pluto and the lunar nodes in the chart. I found great relief and many useful tools as I learned to apply Evolutionary Astrology to my own life, and to help me understand myself, others, and the cosmos. As Seattle is a "double-Scorpio" city, I delved into the study of astrology from Laura Nalbandian for the next few years, as I also delved into my own inner work and healing. I completed the astrological courses offered, in addition to many workshops for further understanding. I have found astrology to be invaluable and empowering as a tool for growth in my own life, and love to share it with others.



I continue to study astrology on my own, and for several years attended yearly Northwest Astrological Conferences to add to my astrological education.  I have my BA in Psychology and Social Services from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA., and it is my passion to help others. I feel honored to offer readings in a field that has been greatly helpful to me. It is fascinating to me to see the life story of a person unfold from the chart.






                                                  The Astrological me


I am a Pisces, with a Cancer Moon, and Sagittarius rising, so I am sweet, honest and fiery. I have the soul of the Sagittarius (Pluto in the 9th house of Sagittarius, Pluto being the soul of the chart), so I love the adventure of the open road, exploring, freedom, the ways  of nature, and the honest truth. I have a stellium (lots of planets) in Pisces in the Gemini house, so I love a good chat, and I have a great curiosity about people and life. My Mercury and Sun oppose Pluto, so I'm good for a deep chat too. I am a deep soul, having crossed many oceans in my life. Uranus is on my Midheaven, so astrology is my thing. (Uranus and Aquarius rule astrology.) With Venus in Aries conjunct Chiron, sun conjunct Ceres, and South node in Virgo, I enjoy doing healing work with others. I'm a massage therapist, and like a true Ceres person (Ceres is the archetype of the Harvest Earth Mother, that nourishes), I truly love nurturing and nourishing others. My North Node (the karmic mission) is in Pisces so I greatly enjoy my dreaming and peaceful solitude. I have a very large, Piscean, port winestain birthmark on my left leg and foot ~ like a true Saggy person, I'm 1/2 Appaloosa! :)  With all the Pisces, Sag, Gemini mutability - dancing is my favorite thing to do - once I start I can't stop!! I recently had a dream (a time of going through many changes, feeling more empowered), I was dancing flamenco down the street in a bold, strong way, and a guitar player appeared and he didn't think it was strange! I'm a gypsy at heart. I love flamenco, dancing with drag queens in Seattle, modern, African, ancient Egyptian, East Indian Orissi, folk, 70's disco cha cha trains, tribal, free style solo wild dance parties at home, any kind of 'em up!